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Standardized tests are a confusing thing! Sometimes it feels like you need a statistician just to figure out what your score really means. Below is a list of terms related to standardized testing that we’ve defined for you in order to make understanding the college process just a little bit…


SAT Vocabulary

  • Iridescent- displaying a play of lustrous colors like those of the rainbow.
  • Stygian- Dark of gloomy; Infernal or hellish.
  • Obsequious- characterized by or showing servile complaisance or deference.
  • Affable- Showing warmth,…


(I hope this helps people who need it! I know there’s many others who cannot afford to pay for these things, so please enjoy! Everything listed is FREE! )

SAT Free Tests:

Online and Printable SAT Practice Test (it mimics the real SAT)

Online Practice Questions (for each section)

SAT “Skills” Practice Test

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Can I just give one little piece of advice about studying abroad? Learn how to cook, and carry a bottle of green seasoning with you. There is no such thing as shadon beni abroad!
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Well said! 


The best preparation for testing is to take rigorous courses, work hard, and read, read, read. But familiarity with the SAT and ACT and taking practice tests can improve scores. So, seniors, if you’re taking the SAT or ACT this fall, here are some resources for free practice tests and test…

See here for the answers she gave to various questions.


Barnard Baby showed this space saving trick to me today during the Barnard tumblr meetup. If you have a power strip that doesn’t really have a place, tape it to the side of your desk in order to avoid having a knot of wires on your floor. You can also tape wires against pieces of furniture and against your wall so that they do not become tangled with other things and/or waste space.